Director responds

Falkland politician reacts to comments about music festival at Silver Creek

On Aug. 12, Dave Ellington had some comments that were very inaccurate. “Mr. Talbot believes that there was no police in evidence recently during the Summer Stomp and Sturgis North.”

For Mr. Ellington’s information, my comments about no police presence were made at a board meeting at the CSRD office before the weekend of both the Stomp and Sturgis. They were in regards to Sturgis North held the previous year in Salmon Arm.

As well, there were comments about no municipal RCMP and the elevated number of motorcyclists that were not practicing safe roadmanship.

Thank goodness for the highway patrol. For when they arrived, things went instantly back to normal. In June 2012, the Silver Creek Community Association called a meeting to discuss policing issues in Silver Creek.

The community hall was overcrowded with very angry and opinionated people. It was standing room only.

The main issue that night was the lack of community policing, followed by break and enters, property theft and limited communication between the RCMP and the community of Silver Creek.

Unfortunately, the Vernon detachment did not have anyone present at the meeting to address concerns brought up by residents, as Falkland/ Armstrong/ Enderby police 70 per cent of the Silver Creek area.

Now, I am not sure how Mr. Ellington got the impression that I was nowhere in the area.

On the Friday afternoon, I and two members from development services were at the Stomp grounds doing a tour of the site.

That night, I visited the grounds again from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The following night, I was yet again at the grounds from 11 p.m. until nearly 2 a.m.

In the midst of continuing to check on the events and the policing, I did manage to make time to go the celebration of life held for Ted Bacigalupo, a friend and member on the board of the CSRD.

As for the policing that weekend, it was absolutely excellent.

I passed through a minimum of five road checks spreading from Silver Creek to Highway 97, and two in the Falkland area.

I was extremely impressed and relieved to see the police presence during the events held all on that busy weekend.

Rene Talbot.

Columbia-Shuswap Regional District director