Disability pensions

Letter writer expresses concerns about the disabled being able to access assistance

This is addressing the article by Mr. Rolke and the letter by Patti Mondor.

My daughter has the same nightmare stories regarding the application for disabilities, she got hurt at work (hospital).

The stress and pressure she went through resulted in Bell’s palsy, much pain and having to jump through the hoops because of people who are  holding up any payments or help.

The specialist was really good and went to bat for my daughter and there was letter after letter stating she could not work, especially in this trade.

Still it slowed things down.

I wish that I had the funds to really push this going right back to the supervisor at the hospital, then go up the ladder to date.

I have a nephew  and a niece that are going through  the same problems.

The nephew is working with constant pain and can only be on his feet for a limited time.

The niece works at a hospital and got reinjured so they (supervisor) claim it was old injury.

They forced her to go back to work. Also, she had no other income to carry her through.

I personally feel the people who are responsible for the holdups on claims should go and live  in the shoes of the people they are bucking.

And these type of people shouldn’t be in this position of power.

I hope mine and all the other people’s letters and ideas  get through to the government so someone will do something to help these workers.

After all, that is what they are paid for. isn’t it? And why they were elected?

Bill Thorick



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