Discouraged shopper

Resident upset with parking meter enforcement in downtown Vernon

Recently, I was in downtown Vernon to do some shopping.  I parked directly in front of the business I wanted to go into but I needed change for the meter.

In fact, on the door, they actually had a sign saying they are happy to give change for parking.

I was inside for less than one minute when I got a $25 ticket. After making my purchase,  I went directly to city hall to challenge this ticket,  bringing with me a written statement from the store indicating that I was asking for meter change.

I was informed in an e-mail the next day that I had to pay the fine and that if I wanted to pursue this matter further, I could attend one of the monthly adjudication hearings.

If I was successful at adjudication, the ticket would be cancelled.  If not, the fine would be payable at the full amount as well as an additional $25 adjudication fee.

This fine only adds to my cost of shopping in downtown Vernon. This is why people may decide to not shop downtown.  Instead of supporting our community and local merchants, people will shop at one of the many big box stores where they can park free and not worry about feeding the meter.


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