Divert water

Resident has suggestion to provide water to the Okanagan

A short distance to the north of us is Shuswap Lake.

This watershed has 1,000 miles of lakeshore and rises four to five feet every spring. The water then drains out to the Pacific Ocean through the South Thompson and Fraser rivers.

Literally, millions of gallons of water go unused to the ocean.

If we were to tap into this water source near Mara and pipe or channel a portion of this water down the defunct CPR right-of-way to Armstrong, we would have a tremendous amount of water available to this valley.

It could be eventually stored in Otter, Swan, Kalamalka and Wood lakes where we would have access to clean, fresh water during the warm summer months.

This resource would meet our domestic and irrigation water needs in the north and central Okanagan for generations to come.

As they say in Armstrong, “think outside the box car.”


John Collingridge