Dog owners defended

Resident concerned about recent comments made about dog owners

To T. Smith whose letter claims, “we all know the percentage of dog owners who pick up after their dog and actually carry it to their residence to dispose of is very low.”

I am appalled. Vernon’s lawns and sidewalks would be impassible if this were true. I take two dogs out daily to our dog parks or walk them around my neighborhood.

I am diligently responsible for cleaning after them.

It’s true I do see little gifts left behind from time to time, either fully exposed or neatly tucked into a plastic bag (which is also appalling) but to insinuate most dog owners are irresponsible?

You are wrong.  As usual, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch.  Don’t put us all in the same barrel.

Most dog owners are totally respectful of others and completely aware of the impact the lazy folks are having on us.

B. Northup