Dog owners must be responsible

Resident says dog owners, not the dogs, are the problem

If my car strikes a hydro poles, please do not blame or punish my poor car. It only did what I allowed it to do.

By the same token, if my dog offends anyone or breaks the rules perhaps, like my car, he just misunderstood what I expected of him.

I do believe that Pat Ellis and her team know the score. I doubt if they have ever given a dog a ticket or a fine.

If one should step into a pile of dog excrement deposited by my dog Sam, please don’t beat him. Beat me.

If I may paraphrase Will Rogers, I would like to say, “I have never met a dog I didn’t like.” Some owners, however, do not measure up. If my dog makes a deposit, I make a withdrawal, unless I don’t see it, then please tell me.

No Pat Ellis, you are not the bad guys and neither are the dogs. You issue tickets to the bad guys and unfortunately, that sometimes puts you in the firing line.

Jim Davis and Sam