Doggone it

Resident is urging people to be responsible when out with their dogs

To B. Northup, who was offended by T. Smith whose letter claims, “we all know the percentage of dog owners who pick up after their dog and actually carry it to their residence to dispose of is very low.”

Kudo’s to Northup for being a responsible dog owner.

However, I do have to agree with T. Smith as I do a lot of walking on our local trails and find dog poop every where, even on board walks.

It does not matter where you are, on the Grey Canal Trail, in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, BX Ranch Park or the BX Creek trail behind Walmart, etc.

And dogs on leash are not permitted. Does not mean anything either? There are signs at BX Creek Falls trail, and the Swan Lake Nature Reserve with no dogs allowed. Even that is blatantly ignored.

So I wonder too, where are all these supposedly responsible dog owners?

Jack VanDyk