Doing their part

Resident raises concerns about new household items and their impact on the environment

After 15 years, I had to say goodbye to my old faithful dish washer.

I purchased a new expensive water-saving machine. It sounded good to me. I’m all for preserving water and doing my part for the environment.

The new machine is so efficient and uses so little water that most of the dishes are still dirty and have to be put back in for another go-around.

And that’s after I discovered the only hope of them coming out clean is to wash them first or rinse them thoroughly.

I used to put the dishes right from the table into my old machine and they came out clean every time. So much for doing my part.

Then there is my new clothes washing machine that uses so little water you have to use expensive, special soap that doesn’t need water to dissolve.

It seems fine except if some poor piece of clothing gets caught up in the middle of the almost dry clothes, there is little hope it will come out clean.

And there’s my new water saving toilet that you have to flush twice.


Kay Coleman