Don’t extend 20th Street

Resident wants a light at Stickle Road and Highway 97

We live in the Good Samaritan Heron Grove seniors complex on 20th Street, south of Walmart.

Even now, we experience severe traffic noise from 20th Street, and if the extension of 20th street past Rona and Walmart, were to come to pass, we would suffer more unbearable traffic noise.

As it is, most of the traffic passing on 20th Street is not accessing the shopping centre, but is simply passing through to get to and from Highway 97. We have too much noisy traffic now.

The root of the problem with Stickle Road is in attempting to meet the wants of the businesses on the east side of Highway 97.

I think the solution is a traffic light at Stickle Road, operated by traffic demand, not a timed rotation.

Please don’t make our traffic noise on 20th Street any worse than it is. At times it is quite severe.

Bob Patmore