Don’t get discouraged

Reaching out to people and looking out for them is one of the most selfless things you can do

Reaching out to people and looking out for them is one of the most selfless things you can do. You should do so without asking much in return. Isn’t it unhealthy to be kind towards someone else with the expectation or assumption that they will do something for you?

The answer is yes.

However, what do you do when human emotion comes into play and not only is nothing done in return, but they go out of their way to help others around them except for you, even if all of you are in help equally?

That’s where life can be rather difficult. You can be calling out like Lyrics Born, Moka Only, or k-os, but what do you do when all you hear is crickets while everything else in the not-so-far distance is as lively and energetic as the annoying party house next to a couple of mild-mannered elderly people?

Unfortunately, you are going to be sad. That’s right. As they say in Austin Powers, you’re likely to lose your mojo. Hopefully only temporary.

Once you get over the sadness and anger within your body, you’ve got to get re-focused again. All I can offer up in my limited wisdom is that you do not get disheartened. Do not let this prevent you from reaching out to other people in need. Although this may go against Einstein’s definition of insanity, a true optimist believes that helping people once more may not lead to the same results.

Or you can be a pessimist, I guess. Do not believe that helping others is worth your time and that Illuminati is out to get you.

Get back to me in a few weeks and let me know how being pessimistic about putting trust in others will help you recover and function as a person.

My Vegas-state-of-mind would bet that it ain’t gonna do much good.

So please. Be kind and generous to others. Even if all logic and past actions indicate this will not be the best path for you as an individual.

Logan S.C.W. Saunders