don’t judge

To the 15+ people I walked by before entering your building with the gas scare

To the 15+ people I walked by before entering your building with the gas scare:

You know I get it.

The way I look and how I carry myself is offsetting and unapproachable to some.

I have a bushy beard, tattoos, I still listen to rap music from when I was in high school and wear my hat backwards. Maybe I should of asked what was going on, but in my defence I was up since 4:15 a.m. with my youngest boy, in a rush and figured it was some sort of protest.

I might of seemed like a worker there to fix the problem but I was carrying papers not tools.

I got past the second floor in the stairwell before anyone said anything. I overheard on my way out someone say “maybe we should put a sign up.”

How about you warn the person walking by a few feet from where you stand. It only would take a few words. I may not look like a person you go to for help but I’ll bet I’m one of the first to offer help regardless of the situation. I have a family at home, two amazing boys and their beautiful mother.

I’m a business owner, a son, a brother, a cousin, an uncle, a nephew, a friend, and most importantly a dad.  I’m the new wave of responsible adult even though I don’t traditionally look the part.

So how about a head’s up next time please.

And to the lady who did come into the building after me, my family and I thank you. Although I may have not been in any real danger, your caring is appreciated.

A. Chernenkov