Don’t take water for granted

Residents are urged to take the local water source seriously

Recently our water pump to our well broke. So we were unable to get water pumped to our house. This really made me think about how much water we actually use. We don’t use water just to wash our dishes and to take showers but we use it for so many other things like drinking water, cooking, filling up your dogs water bowl and much more.

Water isn’t just a liquid; it is a substance to life. So it really made me think about the children in Africa for example: how they have to walk many kilometres to fill up a jug of water and that is what they have to live off of. We were without water for five days and I already had enough by the end of it.

I couldn’t imagine spending a lifetime hauling water and living off of a jug of water for a couple days. It made me realize how fortunate I am to just be able to turn on the tap and have clean water streaming out. It also made me realize how much water we waste. So instead of taking those 20-minute showers, take a five-minute shower and when brushing your teeth don’t let the tap run.

You may not realize it now but when you get into situations when you don’t have water it becomes a very valuable substance. So next time you water the lawn the entire day or leave the tap running, think about it and realize what you are letting go down the drain.

Dory Geelkerken