Dreaded penny

All those pennies add up, and what will happen with the American copper?

Okay, we lost the penny. One cent here, one cent there, big deal, right? Yep, I can see all you ‘rich’ people nodding your heads in agreement. Hey, all those pennies add up you know. And why do we need new coinage every year anyway? Has anybody seen a worn old penny, or nickel?

But that’s not why I am writing, what about all those American pennies we get in our change? Is the Canadian mint going to get them too or are they going to sort them out and send them back to the States? And if they keep them the American government is losing their money when they need all the money they can get.

And what about the American tourists? I am sure they are going to bring those ‘dreaded’ pennies up and then the mint will take those too. Or are ‘we’ going to tell them that they aren’t allowed to use them here.

L. Ball, Vernon