Driver’s test

Resident raises concerns about the B.C. Driver's test

I’d like to inform the public of something they might not know. I certainly did not.

When you become 80 years of age, you have to take a new driving test. It does not matter that you have driven for 60 years with no accident or any traffic ticket. You’re 80-years-old and that is it.

Just in case, I took a driving course so I would know what was required. No problem. It cost me $250 but it was a good experience.

I also did get one of those cameras which you mount in your car window so I could see on my home computer any improvement my driving might require. Surprise, the first thing the driving tester did was unplug the device. Now why would he do this? So guess what, I failed.

When I brought this to the attention of his supervisor, all he said was, “So what,” and walked away.

How is that for a public servant? The only thing we have going for us is those people one day will also be 80-years-old, even Premier Christy Clark.

She adopted a study which Ontario rejected because it was inconclusive. You need two studies to make up your mind?

So Ms. Clark, wait for your next election. B.C. has lots of people 80 years and over.

So you 80-year-olds, be aware of your driving test or you might be sitting at home.     


Anneliese Roesner