Well Charlene, I am glad to see that I’m not the only one concerned.

Try getting out at Rosedale Avenue and Okanagan Street. It seems there are no stop signs.

I have voiced my thoughts also to RCMP and city, even suggesting gradual speed bumps at the stop signs.

They say they can’t do that because of emergency vehicles but other areas use them and say they work well.

The RCMP sat half-a-block block east on Rosedale Avenue and said nobody was speeding or not stopping at the four-way stop signs that they saw.

It isn’t hard to tell by the speed they are going that they didn’t stop, just touching brakes must be good enough.

I have seen a couple of fender benders but they were not reported according to the police.

It sure keeps rates down that way. I had suggested putting that speed monitor on Rosedale on the east side. That would sure show somebody.

Bill Thorick