Driving safety

Resident wants tough measures taken on distracted motorists

ICBC’s distracted driver simulator is a nice idea, but a waste of time and money.

Those who insist on using their cell phones, whether to talk, or, almost unbelievably, text, while driving are no different than any other addict: neither preaching, rationalizing nor using the scare tactics of large fines will deter them from their potentially destructive behavior.

The realization that at least one in 10 of the 4,000-pound vehicles hurtling towards you at any time is being piloted by some fool on a cell phone is sobering indeed.

The solution is for every vehicle to be equipped with some sort of mandatory electronic shield that prevents the receiving or transmission of any cell phone signals.

You want to use your cell phone to make a call, check your calls, or text?

Pull over to the side of the road, (maybe into a purpose-built ‘cell phone pullout’), get out of your vehicle, and use your phone to your heart’s content. If technology can send spaceships to Mars, surely it can manage this.

All you drivers of service vehicles, etc., will howl in protest, but unless you can prove that you, for some reason, are immune to the dangers of distracted driving, stop your vehicle and get out of it to use your phone, like everyone else should.

Don Rollins