Resident concerned about motorists not using roundabouts properly

Having spent long moments waiting to enter our roundabouts, it has become a diverting occupation to study passing drivers.

The conclusion is that only one of every five drivers actually knows how to use a roundabout. These are generally taxi and commercial drivers.

Another one of the five appears never to have encountered a roundabout before and will signal left as if turning into the street that used to be there. One of these desperate people actually did turn left into the roundabout, bouncing over the median in his panic.

The remaining three don’t signal at all, whether from ignorance, laziness, or a mysterious desire to keep going round and round and round ….

Quoting from www.gov.bc/roundabouts, “Use your right turn signal when exiting”.  This even applies to streets that once went straight (e.g. 30th Avenue) but now have their own exits and require a signal, odd as it may seem.

Do let waiting drivers know what you intend to do.  It’s easy.  Really.


T. Hurst