Drug education starts at home

Doug Rogers writes about importance of talking to kids about drugs

Doug Rogers

For The Morning Star

The magnitude of the health and social problems related to drug abuse can never be underestimated and we must deal with this issue with all resources that we have. In the Vernon school district we take drug education very seriously. However we cannot provide substance abuse education alone. The fact is, today’s youth are particularly vulnerable to drug use as they are easily influenced because of their age and the constant pro-drug message.

Many of our kids are ill-equipped to deal with these pressures effectively. Messages that promote smoking, marijuana use and alcohol consumption surround them from a variety of media sources, particularly, social media. Our kids are the most valuable assets we have and we need to protect them. Education on the dangers of drugs is crucial and that message needs to come from home and school. You are your child’s most important teacher and what you say and do helps shape your kids opinion towards substance use and abuse.

Please take some time to help prepare your kids for the situations and pressures that they will face. Your opinion matters to your children – tell them that you expect them to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Doug Rogers is the Substance Abuse Counsellor for the Vernon school district.