Drug legalization

Writer believes there will always be users and sellers of drugs

Recently I read a letter to the editor with someone saying we should legalize it and eliminate the criminal element. Yes, it would eliminate the criminal element but when it is legal what would be stopping those who already peddle drugs to continue to do so?

What would be stopping those who use said drugs from simply doing them in the street, openly offering them to anyone, especially children?

What would stop them from walking around completely tweaked out and harassing passersby simply because they’re high? What would also stop them from asking for money for drugs openly now? Legalizing it is fine and dandy but there is always the flip side to it. I would rather see drugs legalized if the negative impacts of that action could be minimalized, or find a proper solution to the problem. As you said, there is always going to be users, and there will always be sellers.

Dorian Hodgson