Duteau Creek plan was rejected

Resident frustrated with regional district's handling of Greater Vernon water

On Nov. 15, 2014, the residents of Greater Vernon overwhelmingly rejected the referendum to borrow $70 million for the master water plan.

As a concerned citizen, I question how water officials and the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee appear to be creating mechanisms to move ahead with the master water plan in spite of the failed referendum. Actions such as these speak loudly of manipulation, lack of accountability and to heck with the wishes of the taxpayer.

Do you not understand we are opposing funding more money for the Duteau Creek initiative?

The public remains opposed to chlorine and soon to be filtered water irrigating farms, acreages and golf courses. Give irrigators back what they bought and paid for with their allocations. We want raw water, which would totally eliminate the horrendous price increases we’ve all experienced and which show no evidence of decreasing.

Why do Kelowna residents pay a third of the amount that is paid by residents of Greater Vernon for water?

The answer is that Kelowna residents obtain their water from Okanagan Lake and filtration is not necessary. If Greater Vernon used water from Kalamalka and Okanagan lakes, which was the recommendation of our first consultant, we could also reap the benefits of the lower supply costs, enjoyed by Kelowna residents.

We reject the concept of Duteau Creek as a domestic source.

The presence of organic material creates the need to heavily chlorinate the water supply. Chlorination adds another problem to the production of safe drinking water and that is the possible creation of cancer-causing trihalomethanes.

The Duteau process also creates Alzheimer-suspected aluminum content in our tap water.

Neither danger existed when raw water was drawn from the Duteau source for irrigation.

Water officials and elected representatives, are oyu listening to your residents?

B. Erickson