Earning respect

Resident concerned about the actions of the federal government

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read Beyond the Headlines (Dec 24/13).

Richard Rolke did a fine job eliciting responses from local well-known community personalities, but I was stopped dead in my tracks by the offering from Colin Mayes: “I hope Santa will bring a little more political co-operation and a little respect in Parliament.”

I feel the need to remind our MP that getting respect usually entails giving respect. I would suggest to Mr. Mayes that he’s looking at the wrong overweight grey guy.

Were Stephen Harper able to show even a glimmer of respect for his fellow parliamentarians (and, therefore, for the people of Canada), perhaps some of that respect that Mr. Mayes so overtly craves, will surface in response.

The above suggestion would tie in very neatly with all of the teachings, from kindergarten to church to parents, that children receive almost daily (and which, apparently, are readily forgotten by some.)


Mark Levey