EDITORIAL: Back to school but safety alert continues

Just because summer break is coming to a close, doesn't mean the tinder-dry conditions are going anywhere

Hard to believe that summer is actually coming to a close with school starting in a little more than two weeks.

But back to school doesn’t mean summer is over, quite yet.

Above-average temperatures are expected to continue to dominate the forecast, with the odd break of rain.

And meanwhile the region continues to be under a strict fire ban.

With wildfires everywhere  throughout the province this summer, there is zero tolerance for anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to spark a campfire.

Whether you’re burning garbage, yard waste or just trying to roast a hot dog, you can be fined $345.

“The point is, it’s illegal,” said Sgt. Josh Lockwood, Conservation Officer Service.

There have already been 13 tickets issued this month, and August isn’t even over. It’s not expected the fire ban will be lifted anytime soon, therefore everyone is urged to abide by the rules, which are in place for a reason.

The fire danger rating for the region is mostly high with a few pockets of moderate and extreme.

Fire crews are busy enough battling the existing fires and trying to protect homes and property. They don’t need to be spending time and resources putting out anymore man-made fires.

According to the B.C. Wildfire Service, careless use of campfires is one of the leading causes of forest fires.

It may seem unfair, as the ban has been in place since the beginning of July, occupying much of the summer, and since campfires go hand-in-hand with summer and camping, many people are itching to roast marshmallows and sing Kumbaya.

And hopefully that chance will come, once temperatures drop, more rain comes down and our tinder-dry forests can spruce up again.

In the meantime, respect the ban for all of our sakes.