EDITORIAL: Better safe than sorry

Don't get caught at the mercy of Mother Nature, be prepared during flood season

You don’t have to be a boy scout to know that being prepared for an emergency is the best way to go through life.

Except in modern times we sometimes forget that we can be at the mercy of Mother Nature more than we like to consider. So we drop our guard and forget that emergencies aren’t just things that happen to other people.

This year’s snowpack is above average, a torrential rainstorm last week brought localized flooding and the forecast is for warmer temperatures ahead.

It’s a recipe that could include flooding to areas that are susceptible in the spring and people need to be prepared.

That’s why emergency officials are cautioning people that flooding may be on its way, and sooner than normal in these parts.

Therefore sand and sandbags are strategically located near flood-prone areas throughout the region. However, personal preparedness is the key, which means it’s up to you to protect yourself.

To review flood risks and prevention tips visit www.pep.bc.ca/floods/index.html.

There’s also safety measures to be aware of for all residents. Water levels can rise dramatically and pets and small children should be monitored at all times.

Also early-season boaters should be aware of the high volume of debris in Okanagan Lake thanks to spring runoff and caution is in order.


Although serious flooding is difficult to predict and there’s no cause for panic, it’s certainly possible and the time to prepare is now, not when the water starts heading towards your home, or farm, or animals.

– Vernon Morning Star