EDITORIAL: Clark a social media mess

Our esteemed premier is becoming less esteemed every time she takes to social media.

Would somebody in the Liberal office please take control of Christy Clark’s Twitter account?

Our esteemed leader is becoming less esteemed every time she takes to social media.

First, she posts a picture to Twitter, letting all her followers know how proud she was to have found a keepsake album from Rolf Harris – the disgraced entertainer currently serving a 69-month sentence for indecent assaults on four teenage girls.

“Giver her a break,” and “she didn’t know” were some of the comments coming to her defence. We find it hard to fathom that such a big fan of Harris would have no idea he is in jail.

And while perhaps she can justify not knowing Harris’ whereabouts, not knowing the reason for Good Friday is a little more concerning.

“Good Friday reminds us that hard work and sacrifice are rewarded. I hope you have a restful and meaningful Easter long weekend.”

Yes folks; Christy Clark mistook Easter for Labour Day. Either that, or she believes that hard work and sacrifice should be rewarded with crucifixion.

Politicians give the media plenty of fodder for questioning their common sense during their day-to-day activities. But Christy Clark has taken the challenge to a whole new level.

Our premier has a serious case of foot-in-mouth disease.

Remember when the favourite retort of those caught in an embarrassing situation was to claim they were misquoted?

Nowadays, the popular argument among those unwise enough to engage in social media before letting their brains process their work is that their Twitter accounts were hacked.

It’s surprising Clark did not use that one on at least one occasion last week.

— Comox Valley Record