EDITORIAL: Four choices fits the bill

And then there were four.

Four candidates in Okanagan Shuswap for the upcoming federal election on May 2, that is.

And we should be grateful, especially considering there are less than three weeks until voting day in this campaign that may be long on issues but is short on time constraints.

So it’s only fitting that the fringe and/or one-issue candidates aren’t around to take up valuable time away from debating the issues of the day at the forums slated for the rest of this month.

Certainly it’s everyone’s right to seek public office and we encourage people to stand up for what they believe in, but if there was ever a time for less being more it’s this campaign.

The local representatives for the Liberals, the NDP and the Green Party can take aim at the incumbent Conservative candidate with their respective concerns and hopefully meaningful debate will see the light of day and all voters will benefit.

Too many times in local campaigns, and even sometimes federally for that matter, the political agenda can get hijacked by the fringe candidates to the detriment of the public who wants to hear what their potential member of Parliament has to say on a subject.

Having said that, of course, it’s up to all of us to actually ask the hard questions, respectfully listen to what the candidates have to say and attempt to make informed choices on May 2.

Then, of course, actually go out and vote on election day or the process is all for naught, no matter how few or how many candidates are on the ballot. It’s a short campaign, a short ballot and a relatively short attention span is all that’s required. Let’s hope it’s not a tall order for most of us to honour the democratic process and get out and vote.

-Vernon Morning Star