EDITORIAL: Frozen rec fees support families

There’s no question that the financial challenges of the last few years have put significant strain on everyone, but particularly families.

People have lost jobs or had wages frozen. That means there’s not only less cash for the necessities of life but also for those recreational activities that   foster special memories and relationships among parents and children.

That’s why the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee deserves praise for holding the line on fees for public programs.

An increase may have only amounted to a few more cents, but a hike in fees may have stopped some from being able to go skating or swimming. One just has to consider that attendance dropped when fees climbed almost four per cent last year.

And that’s unfortunate given the growing concern about obesity and children interacting more with computers than people. Just an hour or so splashing around in the pool or sliding across the ice can ensure they get some exercise, while spending quality time with their parents, siblings and friends.

Ideally, it would have been nice if GVAC had frozen fees for rentals of fields and facilities (they are going up two per cent), but Hydro, fuel and labour costs are skyrocketing. Taxpayers already provide a subsidy to operate recreational facilities, so a cost-of-living increase for rentals is not only realistic but necessary.

Given the financial pressures facing politicians and bureaucrats, significance progress has been taken to ensure local families can enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life without it costing an arm and a leg.

– Vernon Morning Star