EDITORIAL: Heigh-ho heigh-ho it’s off to….

Almost lost in the September shuffle is that our political representatives in Victoria won’t be going to work.

Almost lost in the September shuffle, what with the great weather and the busyness that back to school and the beginning of serious work brings, is that our political representatives in Victoria won’t be.

Going to work, that is.

You see Premier Christy Clark has decided that there will not be a fall session of the legislature in British Columbia this year.

Which means they will return to work sometime in the new year, if the premier decides, on our behalf, that this would be a good idea.

Now some cynical types might think this is a good thing. After all what does all that hullabaloo from the government and opposition MLAs actually accomplish anyway?

And, hey, maybe we’ll save some money on less expensive ferry trips to Victoria?

A quick glance at Ottawa, where the MPs have returned to Parliament, suggests that it’s mostly a case of sound and fury signifying nothing. And that’s just in the first week back already.

However, others suggest the Liberals can’t be held accountable, or worse, that they’re hiding from the real issues, when the Legislature isn’t in session.

Clark begs to differ and even claims MLAs can do more good in their ridings talking to real people than battling with their fellow politicians.

Maybe. Maybe not.

What’s more likely is that the Liberals are hoping without a fall session that the media spotlight might fall more on their opponents, the NDP and Conservatives, and less on the government. Not to mention that with the recent departures and cabinet shuffle, this delay gives the new-look Liberals time to get their act together, and maybe less room for error as well.

Again. Maybe, maybe not

—The Morning Star