EDITORIAL: It’s simple: seatbelts save lives

Not only are North Okanagan drivers distracted behind the wheel, a great number remain unbuckled

So, the main focus of last week’s RCMP targeted enhancement was distracted drivers.

That is, local officers were conducting a mid-day, mid-week check to see how many people were using their cell phones while driving which, we should all know by now, is against the law.

You can’t even check your phone sitting at a stop light. And police will go over a cell phone’s history at an accident scene to see if that’s what helped cause the crash.

Four motorists were caught   using their phones during the road check. Police say it’s a daily occurrence. As disturbing as that is, not only are North Okanagan drivers distracted, they’re also unbuckled.

A total of 17 seatbelt violation tickets were issued by police in that same afternoon roadcheck.

Seventeen people couldn’t be bothered, in the middle of winter, to use extra protection against a possible accident.

We say extra protection because many vehicles are adequately equipped with sturdy seatbelts and protective air bags.

Honestly, in this day and age, just how much proof does a person need to be convinced that seatbelts save lives?

Police admit there are the odd times when a person is killed even while wearing a belt, but the number of lives saved because of seatbelts is a far greater sum.

It is hard to comprehend that there are still drivers out there who find the belts to be a hindrance.

Seatbelt designs have come a long way to provide more comfort and protection.

It’s 2012, not 1972. There should not be any excuses for not wearing a seatbelt

And, really, is a phone call or text message that important that you can’t pull your vehicle over to receive or reply?

— The Morning Star