EDITORIAL: Krueger offers ironic words

Kamloops-South Thompson MLA's outlandish comments on anti-bullying day

What Kevin Krueger says matters little. This is not a shot at the veteran B.C. Liberal MLA — it’s a simple fact.

The bombastic Kamloops-South Thompson representative is winding down his political career and is not seeking re-election on May 14.

Krueger continues to make headlines in the sunset of his political career, usually by making outlandish comments.

After the B.C. Conservatives questioned Jobs Minister Pat Bell’s conduct in a proposed wood-design centre in his Prince George riding, Krueger e-mailed a nasty message to the Conservatives:

“Mr. Cummins, and everybody involved in this news release, are unmitigated morons to have published such crap as this. Pat Bell is beloved in Prince George, for good reason. There is not one of you scum worthy to tie his shoes  — nor tall enough.”

Again, Krueger is a non-entity in politics ever since he decided to not run. Nevertheless, the media loves juicy quotes and Krueger is a master chef at producing them.

Usually, Krueger’s rants are good for shock value, serving as empty calories amid a menu of substance.

However, the timing of his latest explosion is stunning in its irony.

Wednesday was Pink Shirt Day, a day to denounce bullying of any kind. Only the most naive would not consider his insults (“morons” and “scum”) to be of a bullying nature.

Yet, there was Krueger in Victoria, speaking to reporters and defending his email vitriol, refusing to apologize and denying it could be construed as bullying — all while wearing the official anti-bullying Pink Shirt.

The irony is so obvious only Krueger could fail to see it.

— Kamloops This Week