EDITORIAL: Next four years crucial

Despite calling the federal election a dangerous and unnecessary exercise, Prime Minister Stephen Harper  can now breathe easy, knowing he won’t have to take down the photo gallery of himself set up in the government lobby of the House of Commons.

Perhaps he may soon be adding some group shots of his new Conservative majority government.

Equally enthralling is what’s happened with the other parties. Obviously, Harper isn’t the only happy candidate. Jack Layton’s longtime wish of seeing the NDP take on the role of official opposition has at last come to fruition.

And Layton and his band of 102 New Democrats can take the 167 Conservatives in the House to task over matters that are truly important to Canadians.

We expect to be hearing a lot more from Green Party leader Elizabeth May who, despite being left out of the candidates’ debates, landed a seat in the House.

As for the dissolution of the Liberal stronghold in Canada, it was a long time coming. For we should not forget the complacent rule of the Jean Chretien and Paul Martin Liberal governments.

The next four years will be crucial for Canada.

We hope those in power will remember those without power when they’re making decisions, decisions that will affect our environment, our children and the institutions that define Canada, such as public health care – an institution that embodies compassion for those with little power and fewer resources.

-Salmon Arm Observer