EDITORIAL: Officials heading in right direction

Greater Vernon politicians are on the right track over sports complex

Greater Vernon politicians are on the right track, so to speak, in trying to trim costs for the $8.5 million proposed sports facility at the Okanagan College site.

Staff recently reviewed the design of the running track and sports field in an attempt to alleviate some taxpayers’ concerns that the price tag was too high during challenging times.

“It’s incumbent on us to make it a cost-effective project and then go out and say it’s a fantastic project,” said Bob Fleming, GVAC director.

Hear, hear.

First comes the trimming part, while maintaining the integrity of a modern, proper facility, and then selling its merits to the community at large prior to the referendum.

“This facility is not a Cadillac but a good, solid structure,” said Keith Pinkoski, parks planner.

And that’s what this community wants and needs, at a reasonable price.

At least some do. If there’s enough people in the community in support of the plan will be determined by the referendum in the spring.

Although it’s incumbent for the politicians to do their part in keeping the costs in line and selling the vision for the community that they believe in, it’s also necessary for the groups and individuals that desire this facility to get involved as well.

GVAC is attempting to get things on track for a successful outcome but it’s up to the community at large to determine if the will and desire is there to make it a reality.

In other words, early in the new year it would be wise for sports groups, societies and any individuals who want a first-class sports facility in Greater Vernon to step up and lend their support.