EDITORIAL: Premier’s actions lacking respect

Christy Clark once again demonstrated how oblivious she can be

It sometimes seems that in her quest to seem hip, Christy Clark forgets that her job as premier requires a certain level of decorum and respect.

Clark once again demonstrated how oblivious she can be, creating another fracas with her attempt to host an International Day of Yoga event. Om the Bridge would have seen Vancouver’s busy Burrard Bridge closed for several hours June 21, and set the province back $150,000.

June 21 is also, as many people are aware — though apparently not Clark — National Aboriginal Day.

Clark apparently still hasn’t learned a lesson that most people learn in their childhood, that showing respect creates respect in turn. When it comes to dealing with B.C.’s First Nations, showing respect is a key piece of the puzzle.  It would be hard to describe how much disrespect Clark showed by organizing and planning to attend this event on the same day.

And she didn’t stop there, taking to Twitter to mock the people expressing concern over Om the Bridge.

The whole sorry mess fell apart June 12, when Clark announced she wouldn’t be attending Om the Bridge. It’s worth noting that in Clark’s 220-word announcement that she wouldn’t be attending the event, only 23 words were dedicated to Aboriginal Day — the rest was about the wonders of yoga.

One Twitter user, Peter McCartney, summed up Clark’s attitude pretty well when he suggested the premier was “showing all the maturity of a 12-year-old.”

Though perhaps that is doing a disservice to 12-year-olds. Most of them have a better idea of what respect for themselves and others entails. Perhaps we could find a 12-year-old to offer Clark some basic lessons?

— Penticton Western News