EDITORIAL: Putting Vernon on the map

EDITORIAL: Putting Vernon on the map

Despite its relatively small population, Vernon residents have worked hard for community recognition

It may have a population of a mere 48,073, but events that have transpired since the 2016 Census have certainly helped to put Greater Vernon on the map, and more importantly, on the tip of the nation’s tongue.

Last week, or more to the point last week’s news at The Morning Star, saw Vernon Red Cross volunteer Cor Zandbergen snatching the organization’s top honour, local hip hop extraordinaire NOX (Rory MacLeod) signing with an international record label based in New York City and Vernon’s own Brett Kelly hitting the top-10 list of finalists for Canada’s Best Barber of the Year Award.

“It’s pretty crazy, a complete shock,” Kelly, The Gentleman’s Shop and Shave Parlour co-owner said as he chopped a customer’s luscious locks.

Other barbers in the national competition are from Vancouver (population 631,486 or 2,463,431 for Greater Vancouver), Mississauga (721,599), Winnipeg (705,244), Montreal (1,704,694), Toronto (2,731,571) and Ottawa (934,243).

While the list certainly makes B.C. barbers look good, claiming three of the top 10 spots, what’s more impressive is the fact that a barber from little ol’ Vernon is competing in the big leagues against hair-cutters from the nation’s largest metropolitan centres.

Like Kelly, MacLeod and Zandbergen are also honoured to be recognized for their elbow grease.

And these are all honours that have been announced earlier this week. If you look back through the archives, hundreds of stories echo theirs.

Thank you, MacLeod, Kelly, Zandbergen and everyone else who helped put Vernon on the map this year. The community appreciates your hard work.


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