EDITORIAL: PV Road project ideal

EDITORIAL: PV Road project ideal

There is no question that something has to be done with Pleasant Valley Road in Spallumcheen

All communities have significant infrastructure deficits, whether it’s roads, water, sewer, sidewalks or facilities.

Upgrades come at a costly price but they have to be done because residents depend on these services.

That’s why the Township of Spallumcheen deserves credit for proceeding with a complete overhaul of Pleasant Valley Road at a cost of more than $4 million in 2018. It is the main arterial route through the community and its condition is critical to a number of businesses in the area.

A key component of the project is improving the intersection of Spallumcheen Way and Spallumcheen Drive. Option one includes adding dedicated left turn lanes to the existing intersection, while option two eliminates left-turns at Spallumcheen Drive and Pleasant Valley Road and moves then to Crozier Road. Option three calls for a roundabout.

During a recent open house, option two proved to be the most popular with residents.

“The sight distances are great. People realize we can get rid of the left-turn and they can go to Crozier Road, which is a lot easier,” said Kevin Gordon, senior transportation lead with Urban Systems.

Obviously the township will have to consider factors such as cost, but in the end, there is no question that something has to be done with Pleasant Valley Road.

And even with the inconvenience construction will bring for motorists, it’s highly likely most Spallumcheen residents are looking forward to the project.