EDITORIAL: Society initiated healthy debate

The members of the governance society boldly stepped up to confront what they knew would be a controversial issue

It certainly appears the Greater Vernon Governance Society will  not reach its goal of a provincial study into the merits of one body of government for the city, Coldstream and Areas B and C.

Some might be tempted to say there was little doubt that the district and electoral area representatives would eventually quash any bid that contained even a hint of the ‘A’ word.

There are legitimate questions about political representation in a new model, the possibility of higher taxes and, of course, the potential loss of a proud tradition.

So the status quo is always a tempting alternative and one in which district and electoral area politicians chose to go on behalf of their constituents on Monday.

Many will applaud the move and few are likely surprised by it.

However that doesn’t mean this exercise in grassroots democracy has been in vain.

The members of the society boldly stepped up to confront what they knew would be a controversial issue and put considerable time and effort into carrying out the exercise that sparked plenty of debate in coffee shops, as well as interesting and well-written pieces from both sides in the letters to the editor section of this newspaper.

Not to mention the movement garnered 3,160 names on a petition, including 816 in Coldstream along with the backing of the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce, and politicians at all levels of government would be wise to take note of this fact.

Too many times apathy has been blamed for weak political discourse at all levels of government in this country.

The society has served notice that a significant portion of the electorate is engaged and it should make for an interesting and informative municipal campaign.