EDITORIAL: Spotlight will shine again

The memories and the impact of a month-long stay in Enderby from Hollywood will leave a legacy for a much longer period of time

Lights, camera, action.

Those words have come and gone from the streets of the North Okanagan as after a month-long stay Hollywood picks up and leaves town.

However, the memories and the impact will leave a legacy for a much longer period of time.

Not to mention we get to eagerly await the release of Go With Me in late 2015 to see how Enderby and area are portrayed on the silver screen.

But it’s not like plenty of North Okanagan residents didn’t get their brush with celebrity over the last month already, as Oscar winner Sir Anthony Hopkins, especially, and actors Julia Stiles and Ray Liotta made themselves available for autographs and photographs alike.

Hats off goes to producer Rick Dugdale, an Enderby native, who through his production company brought the spotlight and excitement, not to mention the economic spinoff, to the North Okanagan.

By all accounts the locals and the location impressed the stars and we’re pretty confident that this brush with Hollywood will lead to more, especially with

Dugdale being an incredible advocate for his hometown already.

With George Clooney and Tomorrowland, also filmed partially in the North Okanagan, already set to hit the screens earlier in 2015, this area is well on its way to gaining a reputation as an ideal place to make films.

While we thank Dugdale and his team for being such good guests, we look forward to the next time “Lights, Camera, Action” will be heard once again in these parts.

Stay tuned.