EDITORIAL: Students find strength in support

Kick the Nic program is a welcome addition to local schools

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, with all the knowledge around the dangers of smoking and glaring warning messages plastered across tobacco products, that youth continue to pick up the habit.

Unlike years ago, when smoking wasn’t thought to be all that bad for you, everyone knows that smoking kills.

“It would be like us testing your water and saying your water causes cancer – you wouldn’t drink it,” points out respiratory therapist Sylvia Grutzmacher.

Ask any teen, especially any smoking teen, and they’ll tell you that they know the risks.

Yet the number of students lighting up locally continues to surprise school officials.

So instead of sitting blindly by, some teachers are doing what they can to help their students butt out.

Throughout the Vernon School District, high schools have implemented a Kick the Nic program, designed to give students incentive and support to quit.

The fact that schools, and staff, have implemented the program is admirable on its own. But what’s even better is the fact that they are attracting youth, and they are having success in helping some of them quit.

Obviously not everyone can be helped – as any smoker will tell you, it has to be their decision to quit. But some have come to that decision thanks to the program.

Learning about the endless list of illnesses caused by cancer, seeing the aging effects smoking creates and hearing stories of loved ones dying from smoking is helping more youth come to the decision to Kick the Nic.

Without such a program, even those most motivated to quit might not succeed. But thanks to the support and resources offered, they are one step closer to Kicking the Nic, for good.