EDITORIAL: Talkin’ Donkey makes an impact

The closure of our local coffee house with a cause is unfortunate news on the exterior

The closure of our local coffee house with a cause is unfortunate news on the exterior.

The Talkin’ Donkey not only provided a place for friends and colleagues to take a break from their busy days and catch up, but it had another agenda.

The main purpose of the coffee shop was to raise awareness  around fair trade coffee and human trafficking. Sales helped raise funds to free victims of human trafficking. And, by serving only fair trade, it supports overseas coffee production (no child labour, fair wages, etc).

So it’s ironic that while trying to sustain fair trade, the Talkin’ Donkey has been struggling to be sustainable itself.

But despite its pending closure in a few weeks, the Salvation Army is actually celebrating all the coffee house has accomplished in its eight years.

All the awareness and support for overseas issues are just the beginning.

The Talkin’ Donkey has also proven to be a huge supporter of local talents.

Vernon’s own Andrew Allen has often given thanks for his career to the stage at the Talkin’ Donkey.

Local artists are also supported on the walls and shelves at the Talkin’ Donkey.

So although it’s unfortunate that this socially, environmentally and spiritually conscious coffee house is closing, it has made an impact – leaving a lasting legacy.

And that legacy will continue, as efforts are now focused on a greater need within the community.

If you’d like to be a part of that, donations and/or volunteers are always needed, both at the thrift shop and food bank.