EDITORIAL: ‘Tis the season for giving

Catch the true spirit of giving this holiday season and help out those who need it most

Every shopping mall, big box store and downtown shop is bustling with buyers.

Colourfully wrapped presents are starting to fill our closets and credit cards are being racked up faster than Santa can make his worldwide deliveries.

With just 11 shopping days left until Christmas, panic is beginning to set in for some as they frantically search for that perfect gift.

‘Tis the season for giving. Unfortunately, the spirit of giving has morphed some of us into  material-driven monsters. Too many spoiled children and adults have lists of desires longer than Santa’s own naughty/nice list.

But whatever happened to the true spirit of giving and the blessing of receiving?

Giving is supposed to be feel good, not stressful or frantic.

Which is why some locals have opted to give to those who can truly appreciate it.

Adopting local families in need, donating non-perishables so others don’t have to choose between rent and food this month or writing out a cheque to an agency that will help families in the area – those are just a few examples of how we can spread the spirit of giving, while making a difference.

This year appears to be one of the toughest for agencies like the Salvation Army and United Way, with an increase in need but a decrease in donations.

Then there are countless other causes around town – a fundraiser for the 15 workers who lost their jobs with the Enderby gas station fire, plans for a post-Christmas dinner at the Upper Room Mission, the list goes on.

It’s donations to these types of events and charities that spark the true meaning of giving.

– Vernon Morning Star