EDITORIAL: Trades step into the spotlight

Industry Training Authority predicts huge gap in skilled trade people leading to 2020

It’s a good time to get a trade.

And it’s a good time to upgrade, or tell your kids about how lucrative trades can be. It’s also an excellent time for employers to start scouting trades programs for potential employers and apprentices.

The Industry Training Authority predicts a huge gap in skilled trade people leading to 2020.

We’re looking at a gap of thousands of skilled workers in areas spanning forestry, mining, oil and gas and construction.

And while there is some worrisome aspects to that shortage, it’s also a huge opportunity for B.C.

This is huge for communities, for labour markets, for families, real estate, city infrastructure and recreation.

This could be a real kick-start for the economy, the region, the province and, most importantly, the people.

But we need to get on it, now.

The shortages are already being felt and it’s only going to get worse.

We’re already on the right path with trades programs at the high school and college level being linked locally. Let’s keep that momentum rolling by supporting our college and taking advantage of programs, small class sizes, excellent instruction and new initiatives.

Potential employers could benefit as well by checking out perspective talent, offering apprenticeships and building early company loyalty.

This is an opportunity to work together to build stronger, profitable, stable, healthy communities.

Let’s not wait until the shortages force industry to look elsewhere for skilled help.

Black Press