Editorial upsets

Vernon writer upset over a casual inference to a $610 monthly welfare rate in B.C.

I refer to the editorial titled Welfare raise good for B.C.

In particular, “The $610 – B.C.’s monthly welfare rate – is still a sizable sum of money, but not one that can readily provide all the comforts of home.”

I protest the casual inference of this statement.

The writer should indeed remain hidden behind the all encompassing cloak of the “Black Press”.

First, the $610 is the rate for a single, not disabled man of working age.

Not a distortion, but a point, framing the totally irresponsible inference that this sum should “readily provide all the comforts of home.”

Bums province wide are joyfully clipping this column now.

A “single, not disabled man of working age” should never, never, ever be provided with all the comforts of home, by our welfare system.

There is no one better able to find employment than this man.  Total support of such a person is a denial of the rights of the taxpayer, to expect fair and responsible spending of our taxes by the government.

Welfare is meant to be support for the disabled, or the poor children, etc., and lastly and least, supplementary income for the temporarily disenfranchised  “single, not disabled man of working age.”

Using this showboating MLA as an argument why welfare rates should go up, is the distortion.

He, and the Black Press journalist that wrote this piece, should be reminded the recipient is required to get out there and shovel some snow, deliver some papers, rake some leaves, pick up some pop cans, wash some cars, pursue job leads, and get a job “flipping burgers,” for a popular example.

Stephen France