Educate yourself

I am responding to the article, “ Dumb Talk Over Smart Meters,” by Tom Fletcher.

I am responding to the article, “ Dumb Talk Over Smart Meters,” by Tom Fletcher.

Mr. Fletcher says that letters to Black Press have been written “..with exaggerated or false claims that stoke baseless fears of radio waves.” Where does Mr. Fletcher get his expertise from? Is Mr. Fletcher working as a reporter/journalist or a spokesperson for the Liberal government?

In his column, Mr. Fletcher does not or cannot support his remarks with any substantial evidence. All that I hear is his “bad mouthing” and discrediting people who do not agree with or support his view of wireless smart meters. These people are credible and are stating their point of view from the data available.

I do not like being forced to accept and pay for these wireless smart meters. I do not want to be a guinea pig for unproven technology. What evidence is there that smart meters are safe?

Why are many areas in California and other states removing the wireless smart meters and reinstalling the previous analogue meters, and other places around the world banning them completely?

The analogue meters that we have at present are made in Canada, the smart meters are made elsewhere.

So much for keeping jobs in Canada!

What happens when large numbers of these smart meters are transmitting in close proximity, for example in an apartment complexes, at schools, daycare centres?

There are major concerns about how the smart meters affect birds, insects,  especially bees.

One can access more information on  smart meters at: and other sites; just take a little time and educate yourself.

M. Orser