Education needs funding

Resident makes a pitch for additional resources for schools

I support B.C. public education. I grew up with it and it has served me well (I returned home 20 years ago to give back to it). The skills I learned and the credentials I received here in B.C. have been recognized and commended in several other countries, helping me to obtain employment.  Will it be the same for future generations of B.C. kids? Definitely not.

The B.C. Liberals are intent on saving money at the cost of the futures of our non-voting children.  They are grossly under-funding public education by $1,000 per student, breaking the teachers union by using tax payers dollars to launch appeal after appeal over an issue in which they are dead wrong (i.e., stripping the contract of hard won benefits  and improvements in working conditions is not negotiating) and provoking strikes, and dismantling the public school system by promoting private schools through funding them at a rate equal to 50 per cent of public schools, even though parents already pay a tuition.

How quickly can a public education system deteriorate?  Look no farther than the U.S., England, and Australia. While working in the state of Victoria, Australia, in 2008, I witnessed a public school environment where it was literally impossible to teach.

With one-third of students attending private schools (the average tuition in the Melbourne area is about $20,000), the public schools have become a nightmare.

The students run the schools.  They are disrespectful, noisy and disruptive, have no work ethic, and treat school as nothing more than a place to hang out with their friends.

My fear is that under this government, public education in B.C. is headed down the same road.  We need a strong public education system in B.C.  We need the government to stop treating students, parents, and teachers like pawns.  I encourage you to call your MLA, request a face-to-face interview and express your concerns.


Terry Shykora