Education system

Mr O’Brien. I am of the age that remembers when the teachers were not a union, but dedicated teachers who wanted to do best for their students. Then the Social Credit government decided to give the teachers the right to become a union.

From then, it has been a constant battle with who ever is in power in Victoria.

When the NDP, which is pro-union, became the government in Victoria, even it had a tough time dealing with teachers’ union. Isn’t this surprising coming from pro-union government?

Mr O’Brien, this isn’t about students, this is about a radical minority who ran the teachers’ union. Flexibility was what Christy Clark, the then-minister of education, was after.

But no, your union leaders were not going to have a flexibility in the school system. It’s their way or no way at all.

So, the minister of education made the mistake of taking away their right collective bargaining.

For the longest time, there were not enough students in the school system to keep all schools open, hence school closures.

Then the world economies were brought to there knees, because of the banks in the United States.

We were lucky in Canada because the finance minister told the banking system, “You will not have the freedom to run your banks the way you want, you will have set rules to run by.”

We were still hurt by the crisis, because our economy depended on us,able to export.

Why I bring this all up Mr. O’Brien, is that we depend on a healthy world economy. From 2008 until now, the world is still suffering.

The American economy has return to a healthy situation, then a new president, Donald Trump, decided the U.S. should become a world power again at the expense of Canada and Mexico, along with rest of the world.

I always wondered what it would be like to have a non-politician run a country?

He has got a lot of learning to do, and how to deal with rest of the world.

The money the government has to work with has to help all of the ministries.

If the teachers’ union figures it can do a better job, why doesn’t it form a political party and run against the three parties trying to get elected.

The only other alternative is to tax every one 50 per cent of what they earn, but that wouldn’t work, because government is like a black hole.

There’s never enough money to make every ministry work properly.

The government that is in power does not produce money, it spends it, only the private sector produces wealth.

Robert Slomen