Education system

Resident says teachers need to get back on track and put students first

There has been a lot of talk about our B.C. education system lately, government vs. teachers. Perhaps it is time to reflect on who is being hurt by this continuing dispute and it appears to be the students, through no fault of theirs.

I consider myself fortunate, along I am sure, with many of my long past fellow students.

I attended school in Kitimat in the early 1950s. We were in a two-room school at the smelter site with all classes and students together (who came from all over and some could hardly speak English).

We had one teacher teaching math and one doing general studies, while I am sure the other teacher was getting ready for his or her class.

Sure there were problems, but everyone, including teachers, worked together to provide a great environment of learning.

While more resources were being built in the townsite, we spent one semester in the Nechako Centre shopping mall that had big display windows with folks walking by and peering in at the classes in progress.

No students seemed to be distracted by this. It was about fun and learning.

We had some great teachers, and maybe some not so much, but everyone, including our small school board, made sure learning was a priority.

The teachers also spent hours helping with extra curricular activities. We had basketball, hockey, and movie afternoons, with their great all around support.

We all communicated and talked (perhaps a lost art today).

Yes, I was a charter member of the 3:05 club (now called detention) which was not my favourite, but there again, teachers were there to counsel and support us.

Surprisingly, it seems in those times, money didn’t appear to be a priority but more, they were dedicated to the education and support for students.

I know we still have many dedicated educators today that do believe students come first. Too bad we don’t hear more from them.

Let’s hear less of all the rhetoric and political posturing. Face it folks, we cannot grow money and there is only so much to go around. Retired or not, we all still pay.

You all need to get back on track and put students first because their futures depend on it, as does our country.


Mike Kinnear