Bud Collis says, “Education must be a priority.” I have no idea who this gentleman is and have never met him, but you, the general public, must pay attention to him. He said he was a principal/teacher and taught in this district for more than 30 years. I taught for 20 years and 10 in this district, and we both have the same opinion. Your education system is in trouble.

Please note, he finished his career hopefully to a point of his own choosing. I quit mine prematurely after suffering Christy Clark cuts and oppression for 15 years. What used to be a great career path and then seeing hundreds of very dedicated professional people suffer when all they tried to do was what was best for your kids, was enough for me to say, “I am done.” I personally dedicated the later part of my working life to your children. Those who know me will agree.

If you continue to ignore just how difficult Clark has been, just go and ask a teacher in private.

You will notice a teacher never speaks out in public. They are not allowed. It is unethical to speak out against your employer and you can be disciplined. Collis and myself can now speak because we no longer work for Clark. I am not the kind of person you will find supporting politicians, but just this once I will say publicly, Clark got voted in because nobody voted last time. Do not vote and get what you deserve — Christy Clark for four more years. I do not hide who I am and what I want to say, if you need me to expand on what I have said, call me. Maybe ask Barry Dorval (a previous colleague). He knows more than he might be able to say, but he knows a lot more than I do.

I don’t care what party Dorval runs for, he knows what is right and what is just.

Paul Elmont