Effluent discharge opposed

Letter writer concerned about the possible actions of the City of Vernon

Save Our Lakes Society would like to point out to the members of Vernon council that the discussions they are having regarding the use of the sewage outfall pipe into Okanagan Lake is a waste of taxpayers money and their time.

Another example either of failure on their part to make themselves familiar with the legislation or failure of staff to keep them informed of the details covering what they can and cannot do with the effluent according to the Ministry of Environment file Me12215. .

There are many conditions which have to be met before the city can apply for permission to discharge. It should be compulsory reading for every council member.

To the taxpayer, it may seem to be a way of doing something that no one will notice. SOL hopes this is not case because the waste water we are talking about is a precious commodity and as the population increases, it will supplement the current lake supplies. And just imagine swimmers being confronted by signs which would read ”swim at your own risk.” Hardly a tourist attraction?  And do not talk about how safe it is. Was it safe in Kelowna with its hundreds of cases of cryptosporidium. Kelowna dumps treated sewage into the lake.

We commend Councillors Nicol, Spiers and O’Keefe for their comments but wonder what Councillor Cunningham was thinking when she said global warming may prevent irrigation being used. One would think the opposite is true.

Without belabouring the point further, it is obvious that the ministry will have to become involved. This is the second time SOL has had to point out that their instructions are not being met.

Alan Hill, Save Our Lakes