Election issue

Letter writer makes prediction on who will not be elected in next provincial and municipal election due to Stickle Road issue.

I am going to make a political prediction from a Libertarian point of view. The BC Liberals and possibly Akbal Mund in the city of Vernon, will lose the next elections based on failing Politics 101.

Eric Foster has done a lot for the North Okanagan (i.e. VJH). However, he and his provincial party, as well as his surrogate Akbal, could be kicked to the curb over a very simple issue, Stickle Road.

Worldwide, the voting masses go for the status quo until something so basic, as putting in a traffic light, or not instituting an arbitrary 15 per cent tax on specified Lower Mainland real estate, turn the herd nasty.

Seemingly, this stuff happens in three’s and after Ontario and Alberta turned socialist, B.C. could be next and they would deserve it for being so obstinate. Brexit should be a clue to the BCLibs that people are PO’d for not being listened to.

Now before you all start labeling me as a commie, I can’t believe the NDP or Greens aren’t jumping all over the degradation of BC Highways’ alternative through wetlands to 20th Street and a bigger boondoggle. The other parties should be making hay over this gift, like the Anderson ranch did in its day.

The safe jurisdiction of  Vernon-Monashee would remain that way if Eric, a fine upstanding individual if he wasn’t reading cue cards, would say, sorry, I was wrong. But Oh no, follow an arrogant my way or the highway (pun intended) and you lose every “salt of the earth” voter that doesn’t have their hands in Liberal pockets.

The only force that gets it are six Vernon councilors that are in opposition to their leader.

They don’t have a say as Highway 97 is a provincial matter, until that cluster ends up in their lap with this ludicrous 20th St proposal.

Jay Langton, Vernon