Election looms

Resident encourages others to get out and cast a ballot

Two things caught my eye in the Oct. 4 Morning Star. First, that caption “New Citizens take privilege seriously,” which described  two new Canadians who were about to vote in their first election.  They indicated that in their country of birth, the voter turnout is about 90 per cent.  Ms. Wathir and Ms. Binas  both have stated, “It is our right to vote as a citizen and I want a voice.” Kudos to them, and shame on us if their examples are not followed.

Second was the article captioned, “OKIB declines federal party endorsements.” Chief Loius indicates that past endorsement have reflected negatively on the bands’ future. With all due respect to Chief Louis, I would like to suggest the endorsement of a campaign of, “Vote as you please, but please vote.” The seven-band total of 5,600 simply being encouraged to exercise their right to vote would yield some new trends.

One trend would be to encourage all Canadians to speak with their vote.

J. Raikes