Election reform

Resident takes issue with criticism of MP Mel Arnold

I feel the need to reply to the letter from G. Laarakker  ( Sept. 7, Survey begs question ). He calls the survey, in the newsletter from MP Mel Arnold, not a real survey as the questions are leading.

I must have received a different survey from Mr. Arnold.  Mine had a list on the pros and cons of referendums and a question: “Before changing how we elect our MPs, should the government hold a referendum to get the approval of Canadians” It seems pretty straight forward to me. One hopes the  question for Quebec’s next separation vote should be as clear.

The rest of the letter claims that Mr. Arnold,  by asking his constituency  what they think about this issue shows a  lack of governance on his part.

Mr. Laarakker says, “Now you don’t want to govern, and ask us what you should do. Unfortunately, that’s not how parliamentary democracy works.”

Well, someone could say the same thing to our prime minister. He has set up an electoral reform committee  to — wait for it — ask Canadians what he should do  about changing how we elect our MPs.

Barry O’Dell